How severe is your psoriasis?

An important first step in finding a suitable treatment for your psoriasis is to determine its severity.

Only your doctor can tell for sure how severe your psoriasis is, but this brief quiz can give you an approximation to help you better understand which types of treatments may be right for you.

Note: This tool is not meant to diagnose your condition nor provide any information on the status of your psoriasis or the effectiveness of your current treatment. Only a qualified healthcare professional can provide you with such information.

Select the answer that best represents the approximate area of your body affected by psoriasis. Consider affected areas of skin on your head, arms, hands, chest, torso, legs and feet.

To give you an idea of skin surface, your palm is about 1% of the total body’s skin surface.

  • Less than 3% of the skin surface, or only a few spots

  • Greater than 3% to less than 10% of the skin surface

  • 10% or greater of the skin surface