Psoriasis Severity Quiz

Appointment Prep
How severe is your psoriasis?

Only your doctor can determine for sure how severe your psoriasis is; however this quick quiz can give you a rough idea so that you can research possible treatment options before your next appoinment.

Step 1: Identify the areas on your body where you see psoriasis symptoms.

Step 2: Select a percentage value (a number between 0 and 100) that represents the approximate area of skin that is affected by psoriasis in each of the following areas. Please note that a percentage is required for at least one body area.

To give you an idea of skin surface, your palm represents about 1% of the total body’s skin surface.

less than 3% = only a few spots, less than 3%
Greater than 3%- less than 10% = 3% to 10% of the skin’s surface
10% or greater = more than 10% of the skin surface

*A percentage is required for at least one body area