Psoriasis Impact on Daily Living Quiz

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Are you truly living well with psoriasis?

Just how much is your psoriasis affecting you day-to-day? Is it interfering with activities or relationships? If you’re being treated, is your therapy really working?

In less than 5 minutes you can take the Psoriasis Impact on Daily Living Quiz and see just how well you are living with psoriasis. Take note of your results as it may help determine what you can do to improve the way you live with psoriasis.

Note: This tool is not meant to diagnose your condition nor provide any information on the status of your psoriasis or the effectiveness of your current treatment. Only a qualified healthcare professional can provide you with such information.

How often are you bothered by your skin being:
Does your psoriasis ever make you feel:
Does your psoriasis ever cause problems in:
Do you ever make decisions based on your psoriasis when thinking about:
If you’re currently being treated for psoriasis, would you say:
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See just how well you are living with psoriasis.