Covering the Cost of Treatment

Choosing a Treatment that’s Right for Me

Thinking about healthcare costs can sometimes cause stress, but you need to figure out if you’ll have help paying for treatment, and if so, how much? Below are some questions you should be asking.

Do you have employer or private health insurance?

  • Insurance may cover some or all of your treatment. Check your drug plan for a list of medications that are covered.
  • Your plan may require that you meet certain criteria to be eligible for insurance coverage. Your doctor may need to submit a form on your behalf.
  • Treating your psoriasis can also help reduce your need to find coverage for other conditions you’re dealing with. Be sure to check with your insurance provider on what exactly would be covered under your plan.

Have you tried cheaper treatment options first?

Insurance providers often won’t cover expensive treatments until less expensive options have been tried and failed. Your doctor will have a better idea of which option(s) need to be tried before moving on to more expensive therapies.

Where do you live?

Each province and territory in Canada operates its own health insurance program. They vary, so what is covered will depend on the drug benefit program where you live.

The provincial or territorial ministry of health website where you live will have more information:

Where else can you go for answers?

You can also find out if your medication is covered at

Remember: If you are a senior or student, or if your drug costs are high relative to your income, there may be a specific program for you, or certain benefits you are eligible for. (For example, if there is a monthly fee for your healthcare, it may be waived.) Always mention these things when talking to insurance providers and/or your pharmacist about payment.

Still have questions about paying for psoriasis treatment?

Talk to your doctor, pharmacist, or insurance provider about your concerns. They should be able to answer your questions and tell you what treatment(s) you’re covered for.

Some patient support programs can also help you with navigating this process.

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Did you know?

Home phototherapy equipment is an allowable “Medical Expense Tax Credit” (METC)—Don’t forget to include it when you file your taxes if you’re getting ultraviolet light therapy.