Causes of psoriasis

About Psoriasis

It’s not known exactly what causes psoriasis, but researchers have some ideas, including:

Immune system not working as it should

  • Normally, skin cells divide and replace themselves about once a month. Most people don’t even know it’s happening.
  • In people with psoriasis however, the immune system causes new cells to be created almost 10 times faster than normal.
  • As a result, the extra skin cells build up forming raised, scaly patches.


  • Psoriasis appears to run in families. In fact, a child with one parent who has psoriasis has a 10-25% chance of developing it too.

Other existing conditions

  • Psoriasis may share parts of genes that are linked to other conditions. This may explain why people with psoriasis may also have other health conditions.


Psoriasis is not contagious—you can’t catch it from someone else.