Welcome to Living Well with Psoriasis


The Satisfaction Project is a three-week challenge to encourage and inspire you
(or someone you love) to take a deeper look into the barriers of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, take action, and not stop until you are satisfied.

Challenge 1
Build your Support Team:
Be an Advocate and Become Satisfied

Here are five tips that can help you with this challenge:

  1. Seek current and accurate information from a trusted source as part of an effective treatment plan
  2. You are not alone. Share your story with someone, reach out to your local support group, use the resources available, including the Canadian Psoriasis Network and the Living Well With Psoriasis website
  3. Ask your doctor the right questions
  4. Be a support for others – you can help someone to be more satisfied too!
  5. Work with your support team, and remember… don’t stop until you’re satisfied

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